mm, yes, feeling much better, thanks.

and ahhhhhhhhhh... happy graduation to me! i officially walked on the 9th and it was all over in a mere 90 minutes. it was boring and predictable and it rained afterwards (read: no photos except for those taken by "bob knight"), but it was wonderful closure and the afternoon found me at t.c. choy's with anthony, my family and a-mo's family having a large spread of dim sum. i got duck!! it was delicious, as per usual.

duck makes any celebration greasy, rich and satisfying.

in fact, i am craving it right now... (so hungry!)

MADGE gets a big thank you for lending me her cap and gown! much expense was saved - i only spent $10 on the tassel! which was strangely fat & chunky. my high school and undergrad tassels were much slimmer.

and a thank you to SLEEP GOBLIN for the lovely graduation gift! 'non-adhesive binding books without paste or glue', by keith smith. amazon wishlists are such wonderful, versatile, easily-accessed things. PLUS, she gave me excellent advice on litter and a litterbox (see end of her post for cat poop related items)!

as for my mid-year resolutions, i am walking at least 2-3 times a week.

still need to get a handle on the other 3 items...
- work in my sweatshop atelier at least 6 hours a week (10+ if possible)
- finish business plan
- find a good hair conditioner (preferably non-placental in nature)


slimey blobs

alright. i'm floundering.

and i don't like it. i'm in this strange post-grad haze and i've been this amorphous blob just working, watching dvds and tv shows, doing laundry, eating, lazing, lounging, sighing. i loiter in my kitchen and gaze vacantly at my computer screen.


i'm not really sure what i'm supposed to be doing right now. maybe enjoying all the free post-graduation time, but being poor really blows sometimes. i've looked a little bit for a job, but i'm mostly hanging on to the potential librarian position here within my current organization. the application is in, now i only have to confirm my graduation to have it fully submitted. c'mon, usf! get moving!

i believe that, as a prize for deciding to attend commencement ceremonies, one should be handed a list of pre-approved, high-paying (preferably cushy) jobs in the immediate area and in several choice cities. two years of constant burr grinding and now.... amorphous blob.

so, onward to start a regimen.

mid-year resolutions:
walk/run/bike for 30 minutes 3 to 4 times a week
work in my sweatshop atelier at least 6 hours a week (10+ if possible)
finish business plan
find a good hair conditioner (preferably non-placental in nature)

additional items of glee & diversion:

august 1st was anthony's birthday! i took the friday off and we cavorted in orlando, making visits to ikea, downtown disney and disneyquest. it's five floors of "virtual fun"! double entendre?
it was actually pretty fun. free skeeball to your heart's content? you cannot go wrong.

anthony made the realization that all of the big virtual games weren't really score-based; you couldn't lose. they were directed in such a way as to always let you "win". i responded, "people don't want to pay $37 to be a loser."