3 in one blow!

i am strangely post-y tonight. i can't stop, i just can't stop! isn't there some song like that...?

i can't, i can't.. i just can't.. stop! from a commercial?

erm, nevermind.

from the timeout drawer show. : ) yes, that show.
those are andy's rad green shoes.

there weren't a lot of people at this show. unfortunate for them, but good for us? only because it was really awesomely intimate, which fit the evening's mood. the show thursday was amazing, but claustrophobic. oh, and did i mention hot? it was fucking hot.

this is the skirt erika got me for my birthday. she's amazing.
my hips look really big from this angle. a la michelangelo's pieta.
those are my shoes i've had for what seems to be 3 years.
they smell BAD. but at least they're cute!

also, boys, she's single. call if interested in having your ass soundly beat at trivial pursuit.

this was a weird shell i found outside. bird? snake? super-huge lizard?
you decide.

and lastly, 5 more slides:

halloween slide

halloween slide

halloween slide

halloween slide

halloween slide

aloha, red apple candy


some photos from the show on thursday - apparently there were 400 people at this show. i could believe it, from how insanely ridica-hot it was. after every set, people would rush outside to the parking lot to breathe sweet sweet oxygen.

opening act - red room cinema (from left to right -- dug, eric, anthony, brian & dave).
: )

it is so hard to get pictures of dug.

brian & dave

next were the candy bars... uhh... i totally don't have photos of them! however, to make it up to daniel & melissa, here's their article in the weekly planet, "Up-and-comers Candy Bars are a dark indie-pop snack." their music is rather yummy.

aloha - played well, even though they couldn't seem to get the piano to come through their monitors. they seemed grumpy and insanely hot & sweaty. poor boys.

the appleseed cast!

to give perspective on how many people were there...

jen is so cute! and... so short. ; )

rachel & her beau, lawrence.

star, emulating the strangely hypnotic posters on the wall.

i heart yam



pictures of yammie on our bathroom rug. she's such a doll face.


when wasps attack!

when wasps attack!
Originally uploaded by gimchi.

so i'm sure star and rachel are soooo pissed that they didn't get a picture of me garbed for our de-wasp-nesting and small yard cleanup day.

our backyard has been overgrown with crazy vines and wasp nests; you can get an idea of it behind rachel's head (on the right). and there was NO way we wanted to get stung. also, i'm completely wasp paranoid. i had a wasp swarm incident when i was younger that's scarred me, so let's say that as bulked up as these two are in clothing... i was even more so, if that's possible.

sweatpants over jeans. long sleeve shirt over a turtleneck. black scarf around the head w/ an orange kerchief taped to the top to protect my delicate scalp (thanks star). we taped our shirts and pant legs and gloves so no wasps would climb into our clothing.

really freaking hot? yes.
overboard? yes.
no wasp stings? YES!

star and rachel totally rocked the backyard and it's super clean and ready for a veggie garden.

thanks so much for helping me to overcome my wasp fear, star & rachel!!


so it seems i can FINALLY access my website at home. for the longest time it would just time out when trying to get to my portfolio - leaving me quite at a loss to even think about working on it.

guess this means i need to get off my bony butt and actually starting creating more.

there's so much i want to do, need to do, want to write about, but i can't find the time!

*le sigh*


otherwise engaged

round thing

yes, those sasquatch-quality images were of this beautiful ring with which anthony proposed to me last friday night! they could not do it justice, but they were the only ones i could glean from the small light that was available.

we were at new world brewery, relaxing, just the two of us, over some chimay and framboise, awaiting the musical stylings of the timeout drawer, when he asked the question; he was so sweet and sincere! (not that he never is) - and, because he makes me insanely happy and because i love him so - i delightedly said yes.

i am quite at a loss at what to write without sounding like the world's largest ball of cheese, but my grin probably gives it all away.

in any case, dug was the first one to know about the engagement - none of my GFSS girlfriends were in attendance of the show! i figured he should know first, since he is, after all, the token GFSS male (despite never having been to an actual meeting).

and it was such a lovely evening! filled with delicious sweet fizzy lifting drinks and hand holding and kisses and amazing music by the timeout drawer. and round things. never to forget the round thing.

to commemorate the times, i went through and took photos of cute drawings anthony used to woo me:




on a postcard...

and sung to the spiderman tune...


all sorts of wonky

halloween slide 19

halloween slide 18

ugh. ugh is how i feel. ugh is me.

i'm just sitting here at work feeling trapped and cagey. i'm cramping and feeling ill and i want to go home so badly, but i don't have enough pto.

*big sigh*

must survive 2.5 more hours.

continuing onward, i had mentioned that i wanted to write about some books i had recently read. i stole madge's little reading/currently reading sideline list idea. (teehee, when typing her url into that link, i almost wrote blogspigot.)

the emperor of scent. this book was absolutely fascinating. it was about a guy name turin, who has an extraordinary sense of smell. his descriptions of perfumes are lush and entrancing - i found them captivating partly because i'm such an anti-perfume type of person. in any case, he's somewhat of a dabbler in the sciences - physics and chemistry and biology all rolled into one - and he's come up with a really interesting and solid theory of how we smell. currently, the main theory is that we recognize a smell by the shape of the smelly molecule. turin's theory is that we actually have a sort of organic spectroscope in our noses that can recognize a molecule not by the shape, but by the vibration of the molecule's bonds. i admit that i know almost nothing about this sort of science, but the book is great at really breaking the ideas down and it's mindboggling at how the science world doesn't take turin's more complete vibrational theory seriously.

self-made man. this one was about a lesbian woman who dresses up as a man for about 9 months, infiltrating their secret man world in order to see if men really do "have it easier" than women. ... really, there's so much i want to write about this one - it may be a post all on its own. i also may not have the mental capacity at present to do it justice.

::urgh:: must... continue... mustn't let... cramps... drag me down...

  • designsponge wrote about hitachino nest beer and kiuchi brewery! so cute! (and delicious.)
  • a village in china apparently served a "sumptuous fish banquet" for 200+ cats as thanks for killing rats! (via boingboing.net)
  • also via boingboing - a video of a giant centipede devouring a mouse. i haven't watched this one yet, it might make me upchuck at present.
  • and this cat piano reminds me so much of terry gilliam.


and even more halloween slides

oh yes, the halloween slide fun never ends! not even five months later! it's good fodder for when i don't have anything productive to talk about.

... i was thinking about something deep earlier... oh yes. i want to write little blurbs about the books i've read and/or been reading. they've been rather intriguing as of late. nothing big. but that'll be later, i suppose.

:: and without further ado ::


jen (i believe)




sweet sugar!

or, as i like to say in italian, "dolce zucchero!"

anthony brought me some cotton candy from his job today! he's the sweetest!

i harbor much love for fluffy spun sugar. we always get monster bags when we go to the fair. it's a weakness.



can i say that pride & prejudice w/ kiera knightley is totally awesome?


my weekend, in far too few pictures

i am very exhausted and it is now 10:56.

goal = bed by 11:30 pm.

ready? GO!

gordie's house
we dropped by rachel's house so she could feed her cats, gordie & kiki. unfortunately, kiki is a bit of a wallflower.

rasta gordie! he's the cutest and exact opposite of my thomas. while thomas is big and well... lazy. gordie is a ball of serious muscle and play. also, he's got claws. oh my, he has claws. an incredibly personable and like-able kitty. AND he wrestles mr. elephant (a stuffed toy as big as he is) with much vigor.

gordie's taint
rate gordie's taint on a scale of 1 to 5!

snuggle bunnies
meaghan (on top) and erika (on bottom). they're total snuggle bunnies. in case you were curious, this weekend was the tampa girlfriend sweatshop. much fun & food & plant & dress shopping & dessert crepe eating & gelato inhaling &... not enough crafting. eek! must resolve to do more next time! i think crafts are perhaps easier when gfss is held at someone's house where they actually have more space and room. i think the entire living area of our townhouse is only 800-ish sq ft. too tiny! (and with a messy craft room...)

rachel, me, meaghan and erika. virginia was (unfortunately for us) entertaining a friend from new zealand.

just repotted this organic basil plant that star got me for my birthday! it's still alive! so i got ambitious and repotted some jade plant that was dying outside and bought a jasmine plant at the usf plant festival.

a replanting of my dying jade plant.

my newly acquired jasmine plant. i can't wait for it to start blooming! it smells wonderful.

the aftermath
the aftermath of planting. i'll wait until the water dries up so i can sweep. ... or maybe i'll let thomas roll around in it.


artist date

so, in the book, the artist's way, the author says that you should take yourself out once a week on an "artist's date." spend $5 on silly things, like stickers and gold stars.

and last night, that's just what i did!

wait a minute... did it say $5? because i totally spent $50.

and it was truly 10 times better than just $5. some bamboo knitting needles, fabric, new rotary blades - it was an artist's date to remember!

i very much needed the fabric. on sunday night, i was wholly overcome by a fit of motivation and started cutting fabric for 2 brown robot bags. woohoo! cut cut cut, slice slice slice.... oh shit. and then i ran out of brown fabric. aiiieeee!

and of course, the store didn't have the exact same fabric i had bought 2 years ago, could you believe it? alas. hopefully i will be overcome soon and recut the fabric one of these nights. just not this night. i went to bed at 2:30 am and am stupidly exhausted right now. i wouldn't be surprised to be drooling on the keyboard and my hands.


50 lb image post

thursday night GFSS was a fantastic time! there were brownies, a brownie pie, chips & dip and ASTI SPUMANTI! i heart fizzy lifting drinks!

madge also brought her needles, broke them in & did some amazing first knitting. she's a frighteningly quick learner. it was a knitting girl gab-fest with me, madge, star, rebecca and rachel. well, rebecca doesn't knit, but will be making cat toys sometime soon with us. and jen was able to drop by and hang out before heading home to feed mrs higgins.


ok. so i told baron baronet that i'd have images up by the end of the month (march). EEEEEP! i am a day short, but i'll think of it as a great way to start off the new month!

many of these sketches are old; hopefully soon i shall be able to show more recent ones. oh, and they're also a little blurry since i don't have a flatbed scanner.

one line
a one-line drawing

erika in the vatican

etruscan museum
from the etruscan museum in the vatican

from a park in switzerland

two sketches (top & bottom) of the coastline near cinque terre in italy.

cinque terre

on a train to naples
on the way to naples

erika sleeping

from my journal
from a journal entry


anthony in piedmont park, atlanta


foo dog - from a stone lithography project

a 2 color stone lithography project

sketch by anthony
a sketch of anthony's


and here's where i get random with the camera:

i used to work at a seafood restaurant when i first was dating anthony (we lived 2 hours away) and would keep quotes in my little server-money-book-paper-holder thing. his favorite book is 'after many a summer dies the swan' and this was one of my favorite quotes when i read it (that, and the actual use of the word callipygous).

who doesn't like to see other people's fridges?! i've got honey chrysanthemum tea and about 8 blocks of tofu behind it. broccoli, pudding, carrots, romaine lettuce, handmade pickled daikon radish from my dad, about a gallon of soy sauce, seltzer water, orange juice... hm, not that exciting.

chinese bakery foodstuffs
on waters & armenia, there is an INCREDIBLE chinese bakery. from top left & clockwise - two ham & scallion buns, 2 bready cupcakes, coconut thing, butter cream bun and another coconut thing in the center (anthony loves coconut). those ham & scallion buns are so delicious - slightly salty and bready and onion-y.... *le sigh*
chinese foodstuffs
these are from the asian market near the bakery. that's not red bull, that's "red ice" energy drink. same as red bull?! those 2 drinks on the ends are some sort of citrus drink with floating pulp. eff, i love pulp. pulp makes all drinks better (or so the chinese believe). it's always a plus when you can add something solid to something liquid. like bubble tea/boba drinks!