the beginning of the end (of my job)

finally got a new car battery this morning!

ah, to hear that missed and now unfamiliar sound of my car starting up without a hiccup or gurgle. quite pleasant.

some will be pleased to note that i've also gotten a semi-promotion, though sans monetary raise. not quite so pleasant.

it's good in that i've more responsibility - hence "job security." of course, this also means more stress, spreadsheets that get sent to the "higher ups" and lunches eaten on the clock. granted, i've worked through lunches before, but that was when it was my CHOICE. ... actually, it's kinda scary. making decisions with influence and liability? oi.


firing - yam

haven't kept up to date for a while - tons of exciting things happening! almost got fired from my job, got a new kitten... ... ... ok, just two exciting things. still!

since i'm a temp working on a specific project - now that the project is winding down, the company just doesn't have a lot of work at present. so i got "the talk." the "it's-not-your-performance-we-just-don't-have-enough-work-for-you" talk. but then, 20 minutes later i get rehired. ha! apparently, two of my coworkers went up to my boss and told her that "firing kim is going to be the worst mistake you'll make." how's that for an ego trip?

in any case, even more exciting than that was the acquisition of yam yam into our family. she's a super cute orange tiger cat, very loving and likes to stick her tongue out all the time. it's so cute!! she's also about 15 lbs lighter tha thomas. so when we're in bed sleeping, we hardly notice her on the covers. anthony and i will move our legs and she'll bound off the bed. whereas with thomas, we'll move our legs and bump into his rear, realizing that he's on the bed before he even registers that we've touched him.

IN OTHER NEWS: the cold season is recording their debut ep tomorrow evening. it'll be an all-nite all-out indie-rockin' recording session. buy their new cd! "through these wires our words became legend."