the horror that is my job continues

haven't been here in a while... mainly because my job has been keeping me super super busy. lots of stress - to the detriment of my dermis. need... new... job...

on the upside, i'm almost done w/ amy & emily's photographs and i've finished another bag. this is the second time i've broken a needle while sewing - i think i need a needle made for thicker material like denim. having small bits of metal fly at you and get stuck in your shirt is never a good thing... good thing i wear glasses. also, at the slow rate i'm making bags, i think my first few will be sold on cutxpaste. we shall see!

saturday we had a picnic at the fortuitously named "picnic park." it's located way down on westshore and one would never have imagined it there. you have to go through a really industrial area filled with many a rusty item of vague usage and really, they should have a gate where they give out free tetanus shots - pretty scary. but the actual park was quite nice, with a beach, hot humid bathrooms (ugh), scenery of smokestacks and huge cargo ships on the water, nice shade, tables, screaming kids on slip-n-slides... it had appeal. 20 minutes of frisbee, one bottle of wine and 2 games of clue later and were happy and content.

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