my poor, drugged cat

passports are in hand, visas are complete and asian vegetarian meals on united are requested! we are set to go! packing will commence late wednesday night and we leave early on thursday morning. very exciting.

the only negative to our vacation is leaving poor thomas. he recently had a lumpectomy. we had found a lump on his left shoulder and the vet suggested that we just remove it - a biopsy would have been extraneous, especially since its location would have allowed the lump to grow even larger. we were told that the procedure was fast and that lasers were involved, so it was easy, but we didn't realize that his sutures and wound would be so HUGE!

he is now franken-kitty. most of the day he is doped up on his opiate medication. when he comes around and realizes we've left him at anthony's parents with yam (who has taken to hissing at him again) and their exitable and anxious boxer puppy, he is going to be pissed. it'll take some serious spoiling and perhaps the growing of a catnip plant to appease him, methinks.

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