the future of humanity is grim. very grim.

so........... i know my grammar isn't always great. i write run-on sentences with abandon and overuse commas. but reading this blog entry, well, scares me. no really! what the heck is going on here? is this new? is this some weird and "hip" talk that i'm far from privy to? what is this chick even talking about?!?

"was out e` whole day wif dear ..yays ! doublehappiness ~ hees .woke up @1pm from the ringin of ma fone ..dans dear call me go down beach road wif him.and he wanna mit ad 130pm. which is jus lyk 20 mins ?omfgs. was practicallycrazee .. rushin thru ma baths.and preparing lahs. gosh. bud still, was late 20mins.dear had to wait d/s for me.sorrrie mans . bud heys; gurls do take a longtym to prepare.dunch he noe ? x: LOL. so well, headed down to bugis furs.went toget our stuffs dere .and waited for his bro ..on e` way down, was on e` sametrain wif khai.bud nv getta see him; cos dear was LAZEE to walk to e` end.lol.after bugis, headed down to lavender..meet dear's bro and his fren to beachroad.shopped dere awhile; dans headed baq home.lotsa crappin and joking.. cantstand e` hell out of it.hiaks ~ bud in short, its a realli FUNN day wifdear.hees. nw thinkin wad am i gonna do wif e` tee i bought him for xmas.-.- heWONT like it for sure."

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