hand lotion & grapevine holiday lights

1. currently obsessed w/ hand lotion. this penchant began when i first worked for a computer company and my female supervisor had THE. SCARIEST. dry man-hands i have ever seen IN MY LIFE. also, she typed like she was punching the keyboard, which was kinda cool, really. but since then, i've had the need to keep my hands nice and moisturized. not to mention that 2 days ago they were so dry they were flaking on my fingers and getting red from the many minute cracks that dryness can cause.

2. where the heck can i get my grubby (yet moisturized) hands on a string of grapevine ball lights? target used to sell them and anthony and i have gone to every one in our city looking for them. i found some bamboo ball lights online, but they were $30!

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