another year, another life - 2005

new year's eve has come and gone - spent with anthony on the couch watching movies. the sword in the stone (disney) and resident evil 2.

lame? yes. thoroughly enjoyable and relaxing? yes. we just had no desire to party it up, get drunk, or be around drunk people. we are becoming "old."

the next day we ushered in the new year by having a picnic on our friends' front lawn. saffron noodle cake, brie & crackers, fresh squeezed oj, spinach strawberry salad, deli sandwiches and a game of scrabble. the weather was wonderful.

later we went to target and then watched a very long engagement (jeunet). i love watching good movies. there are so few of them out!

as for resolutions - um.... they are unfortunately the same as last year. with a few more added! *le sigh*

**work on getting rid of debt
**continue mastermind scheming (by myself and with others) for indie type jobs; want to strike it out on my own
**complete overhaul of craft room to create more wall space and to rid self of pack-rat tendencies
**read more books (diaries of paul klee, america (the book); nutshell studies of unexplained death)
**relearn italian
**learn cantonese
**bake a non-soggy lemon meringue pie

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