it is 12:30 am. i am finally pulling myself away from the computer. check out the new website, yo!

it is intriguing/frustrating how i always feel to be in a state of remodelling. remodelling myself, my actions, my possessions.

myself: MUST cut hair soon, stop ripping lips to dry discolored shreds

actions: stay flexible (mentally & physically), be creative

possessions: organize craft room (hahaha), put all loose photos in albums (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA), scan in & de-dust photographs to put on web page, burn pictures to cd, organize digital photos w/ adobe album, redesign webpage, create portfolio, use print gocco, sew bags...... and remember to breathe. just lots of little things that drive my obsessive compulsive mind batty.

ok, off to shower now. and sleep, blissful sleep. i hope tomorrow isn't too mind-numbing.

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