rethinking the haiku

ok, so that first haiku didn't do my feelings justice. i need to research tankas. i need more lines!

it was basically just me, listening to anthony and saad play resident evil 4 downstairs whilst i painted upstairs. it was rather nice. hearing the low sounds of gunfire and exploding bodies and their crazy creeped out voices (anthony & saad's - not the characters in the game).

that game is pretty whack.


so now, instead of being in a cubicle, i am in a lounge area. i guess my job is going through a period of renovating or something, so we temps get the crap area in the middle. it's not that bad, we're kinda hidden by these large hanging sheets of frosted plexi, but our desks are just tables and the wires exploding out of thin air, wrapping around the tables and snaking into our chair legs are driving me into a claustrophobic frenzy.

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