i like sharp knives. i really do. i can't stand having to cut onions with bendy-shakey, dull knives. so, in china, we bought a really sharp, really awesome butcher knife. you know, the big square kind.

and this morning, anthony unfortunately sliced off a bit of his thumb with it.

we were getting ready for work and he was chop-chop-chopping some salad fixings for lunch. i'm heading upstairs and i hear a few loud choice words and think, "oh crap." he's holding his hand, applying pressure near the sink. not pretty.

it was hard to decide what to do - emergency room? walk-in clinic? was it *really* that deep? where the heck would they put the stiches? we even called ramon, our paramedic-in-training friend/ex-roommate. after 40 minutes or so, it stopped bleeding and just oozed. it's covered with band-aids and we'll check on it in a few hours. if all goes well, we'll leave it like that and put some liquid adhesive on it.

oi vey.

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James Lee said...

The same thing happened to me when I was in Korea many years ago. I was using a hobby knife to assemble a model, and my thumb was in the wrong place at the wrong time. My aunt ended up taking me to a nearby clinic and got my thumb wrapped and taped in gauze. I get the chills just thinking about it. I hope he feels better.