2:20 am & going strong

red room cinema's show tonight went off really well - their playing
was spot on. it was held at the harbor club - no one seemed to have
heard of it - just that it was near the dog track (hmmm). i was a
little skeptical and quite dubious. (was that an oxymoron?) we got
there around 9 and NO ONE was there. super empty. me, star and jen
(along w/ our respective band boyfriends, ant, david and brian). huge
building hidden near the river and i saw a prostitute on the drive out

in any case, we were happy to see that it was clean and not that scary
(except for the haunted stories star kept telling) and the place
filled up before long. i am turning into such a band groupie! i am
totally recognizing people from other bands at these shows. i am
privy to the "music" "scene."

and i am also getting the navigation image done for my website.
considering either lunar pages for the hosting or some free site mary
jo mentioned... instead of banner ads on the actual page - they email
you banner ads. not too bad if i set it up with my crap mail account.

hello, shower-time. i am all smoke-smell and grimyness. i needs be
clean and fresh and if there's cat litter in the bed, there'll be hell
to pay.

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