garage sale = cha-ching!

i had totally and completely forgotten about the group garage sale until jen called me up late friday night to remind me. oops! if only she had done this sooner - about 4 months ago i took 6 boxes to the library and thrift store in my frenzy to lose my packrat tendencies (it worked, this time around i could find very little to get rid of)(or... i only just tightened my grip on all the belongings i decided to keep).

in any case, anthony and i were able to sell some old toys, clothes and vhs tapes; we made $30! not that much, but seriously, we had very, very little to sell. saturday was far busier than today - we only had 2 or 3 people drop by - max.

oh, it was wonderful. each day was spent dragging myself up at an ungodly hour and then slowly waking up with jen & sheena - in the sun, relaxing while the day warmed up. this morning's activities involved a quilt and a lawn, mottled shade, good coffee, a panera blueberry bagel, stray cats, talking about the pope, good conversation and planning future trips to tuscany and spain.

i could actually understand why people would enjoy getting up early - weird, since i'm such a night owl. well, only if getting up early inovolved quilts and lawns and sunlight.

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