morning ramblings

the walk this morning from the parking garage to the building i work in reminded me of travelling. sometimes mornings do that. it's a combination of temperature, a slight chill, the soft light, being mentally tired, the scent of dew and slightly the smell of morning traffic not too far away - it triggers my wanderlust feelings of just wanting to walk away and go anywhere else, preferably with anthony. it reminds me of all the times i've travelled in the past - waking up early headed towards places unknown and unfamiliar. of seeing the world - something bigger than just the drive to work and the inside of your car filled with blueberry bagel crumbs and that huge stain on the passenger seat from when you spilled soy milk all over. bigger (and far better) than sitting at your desk or cubicle bathed in the light of dual monitors.

in any case, i haven't actually really written on this blog in a while. i think it's because people know about it now and i feel weird when i know people are reading my writings. this blog is more of an online journal for me than anything else. well, ok, sometimes to also share photos.

daniel, this boy at work, has implanted a seed of becoming a pharmacist in my head. funny, considering how my dad spent all those years trying to get me to enter the medical field, only to have me major in studio art. i think it was a total rebellion against what he thought was best for me education-wise. all those elementary & middle school years where he would rant and yell at me to always get straight As (when i already *DID*) and i would end up crying - they just took their toll. you want me to be a doctor? hell, no! you want me to major in business? hell, no! though i will say i attempted to please him - i visited new york university's school of business and even sat in on some classes (and practically fell asleep in lecture).

**this has become an all day ramble, methinks**

so, in order to be a pharmacist, i would need to take biology I & II, chemistry I & II, organic chemistry I & II, physics I & II, anatomy I & II, analytical geometry, calculus I and public speaking.

13 classes.

i have taken one. public speaking. *sigh*

maybe we should just move to firenze. i could start an online business! to keep the same standard of living i have now in tampa, fl - i would actually need $5,000 LESS a year to live in firenze.

pretty cool, eh?

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