so, as i was saying...

before i drifted blithely off to sleep:

we made ravioli! not just open the bag, pour into boiling water - we're talking fresh egg pasta and ricotta & asparagus filling. thank you deborah madison! the recipe for egg pasta is really, really easy.

2 cups flour, 2 eggs, 2 tsp oil. mix. let rest, covered, 10-15 minutes. roll it out, cut, cook in boiling water till al dente.

she mentions that you can actually mix this dough by hand. uh.... that's a negative. unless you have really strong hands and arms and a lot of time to kill - i would go the food processor route.

if you're making spaghetti, it's not too bad to roll out the dough yourself - it just ends up rather thick (like linguine). but if you're making ravioli, definitely invest in a pasta machine. anthony's wrists were paining him something fierce from rolling and re-rolling all the dough.

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