high priestess

last sunday, the 19th (father's day), my friend michelle was ordained to be a minister in the presbyterian church. i am so proud of her (regardless of my non-christian beliefs). this is a moment she has been striving towards for much of her life. and of course, we all celebrated afterwards at her open bar reception. ; ) she will be serving as an associate pastor in a church in birmingham - i truly believe that the presbyterian church will benefit greatly from having her serve with them.

i got to meet her boyfriend scott and her two babies - strider & sophie - the cutest kittens ever (excepting my own two children, of course)! i'd put images up, but i am learning the limitations of our 2 megapixel camera rather quickly. : p one day, my friend, one day i will have a nice digital camera.

then on *this* sunday i went out with anthony and spent the afternoon in st pete. : ) it was so sweltering. we spent our time running from store to store to ben & jerry's. sometimes it's good to get away from the house - we should plan mini trips like this more often.

and here is our potential home! not to buy of course, but just to live in. a friend of the family has owned this house for quite a while and it has been unlived in for the past 20 years. it needs some work, not to mention an air conditioning unit. we are really hoping this works out for us - it would be awesome to live in a 3 bedroom house rather than a 2 bedroom townhouse. AND the lack of stairs is good for thomas's hips. sometimes he goes up the stairs rather slowly... : (

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