ipod photo goodness

: ) : ) : ) anthony bought me an ipod photo for our anniversary! : ) : ) : )

it's super cute and amazingly handy. we find it humorous that the chick who isn't a "music person" has the ipod. i am a total retard when it comes to music and pop culture. i sit mute when others talk of bands who "sold out" or how their first album was "so much better."

oddly enough, it's nowhere near our anniversary. not that we even have one! it's around november/december-ish. we once had erika arbitrarily assign us a date and realized the other day that neither of us could remember what day it was. *laugh* i think it might have been november 19th. ... i think.

yep, 2 1/2 years and we've never really celebrated an anniversary. it's always a reason for going out to eat at a good restaurant around that time of year, though. "hey, wanna go for sushi? it can be for our anniversary!" "whaddya say to an anniversary sushi dinner??" speaking of sushi, we always mean to try different restaurants, but always come back to ichiban. their sushi is amazing. the last time we went, we didn't have to wait a lifetime for our food! they are always insanely busy and you can easily wait 45 minutes to an hour for your food. truly, it is worth it.

in any case, i am in love with my ipod. i got a little fm transmitter so now i can listen to it in the car! no more wires tangling up all over from my cd walkman - the tape player connector, the power cord connector, the remote control connector... now it's all in one cute little package. no more carrying around cds!

PLUS i can put pictures of anthony, my family and my cats on it! i have yet to do so, but the weekend is coming up fast. eeeeeeeeee! (noise of excitement)

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