2 in the hole

rock on. 2 tests, 2 a's. let's see if 3rd time's the charm. or... erm... still the charm. or something.

also, ant's band is playing at an art opening/rocky horror picture show on october 29th. hahahaha! how awesome is that? helloooOOOoo tim curry! it'll be at the gulf coast museum of art. i'm so thrilled!

and then another show on november 4th w/ the timeout drawer, another really super instrumental group. i believe aesthetized.com describes them as a "seriously wicked instru-metal/post-rock trio (might be a quartet for the tour?) that kinda sound like what might happen if PELICAN & THE MERCURY PROGRAM were to collaborate." hm. pretty close description. check them out, because they are really quite superb.


Madge said...

supreme props on your grades. [a part of me thinks i'm misusing 'props' - regardless, here's the Yale version: congrats, Kimberlina]

10/29 is my date-o-birth. oh for the love of the rocky horror picture show...

the george bush art on the post below is really quite something. quite something wonderful.

Supermans Foot said...

thanks for commenting the other day. Well done on your grades and the music sounds like it will be cool, hope you get to see them

Lucious said...

Major props for the As, excellent work! I love Rocky Horror, it's great. It's like Plan 9, but it doesn't suck!