so anyways

well, i just wrote a long post. blogger deleted it. *sigh* i'll just ramble and see if anything makes sense or comes back to me.

this weekend was rather relaxing except for kim going a little insane at the messiness of the house.

saturday we drove out to brandon to old time pottery to look for a rug. unfortunately, the rugs were subpar in quality of design. since we've been looking for a rug for what feels like 6 months, we finally just bought the nicest one we could find at target. had we the ability (and monetary savings) - we'd probably have ended up with an $800 floor covering. we have champagne tastes.

sunday we did massive food shopping at publix, the fresh market and md oriental mart. finally we have good jasmine rice! we've been suffering for far too long on the crappy store-brand long grain rice from publix or kash & karry. oh yes, far too long.

and then later in the evening we had a veggie taco dinner w/ jen, brian and keoni. afterwards we made fun of 'i want that' on hgtv. sometimes it all makes perfect sense why we don't pay for cable. you want me to pay for that crap?? right....

jen & i also conversed on what horrible activists we'd make. we both get super emotional and angry when confronted by small minded, intolerant people - especially those who wish to foist their painful beliefs upon us. and then we feel exceedingly violent and that's not a good thing. we may be small, but we're mighty!

- after my class on thursdays, i go to anthony's philosophy class to hang out and pass the time (it's kinda scary sitting outside on the benches by myself at 9 pm). some of the people in that class... drive me insane. talking about aristotle, the teacher elaborates on how aristotle believed that god was the ultimate potential, god was what humans strive to be. god is the end result, not the beginning. someone pipes up, "but god is the alpha and the omega." riiight. in christian thought. not everyone is a christian and not everyone's beliefs conform to the christian way. not to mention that aristotle happened to have been born way before christ. please, people, get around your religion. at least by the 3rd class - can you understand that christian beliefs aren't the only beliefs? argh! (this, by the way, happens a lot in this class - where christians keep piping up with their inappropriate comments.)
- one of his classmates said, "in the bible it says 'there's a time for peace and there's a time for war' - that means that war is ok."
- a coworker sent me a painful article from the fox news website that basically said that people who own big trucks shouldn't have to pay more for gas. "reasoning?" big trucks bring us our food. big fire trucks save people's homes. big ambulances save lives. could this possibly be the most ridiculously stupid line of "thought," ever? wtf?!

so anyways. here are some things that make me happy (to combat all the stupid people in the world):
- my cat yam now sleeps on my pillow. she's super soft.
- anthony made an amazing minestrone soup, which i inhaled for lunch.
- i have a birthday sushi dinner to attend on friday (happy birthday sarah!)
- i have a birthday party to attend on saturday (happy birthday jen!)
- i have a moon party festival/belated anthony birthday party to plan for sunday! (it's going to be a busy, busy week)
- i got to bed at a decent hour last night.
- my car is hopefully fixed for under $100! (replaced the highly crudded-up fuel filter)
- with the money saved from the car, we might buy a real bed and move the futon to the living room.



Madge said...

you have serious patience if you retyped all of that.

have you seen the documentary "outfoxxed?" and/or (i think this is the title) bush family fortunes - done by the BBC? it would make you want to do some really bad things to these folks...we're talking assasinations. we're talking the peace rally and the homemade sign just wouldn't suffice...

i have a $7,000 rug that i thought would look really nice in my apartment. i received it from my boyfriend, who received it from his dad (slight hurricane damage from last year). at first sight, i thought this rug would change me forever. people would look at me and say, 'she must have a $7,000 rug in her apartment.' let me tell you this: when it was finally 'unveiled' in its entirety, it was the ugliest f*ing thing in the world. no. in the universe. it is now in my closet, taking up way too much space. i too have target floor coverings, and flea market rugs that my grandma snatched up in the 80s. so. much. bettah.

have fun partying & party-planning. a pleasure to read your blog, as per usual.

kimberlina said...

hey, is that the monkey covered rug? something about bananas? i think i remember reading this on an older previous post of yours. good lord i'd love to see a picture!

i have, actually, seen outfoxxed and couldn't finish the entire thing. it made me sick to my stomach. i'll have to check out the bush bbc one! :)