weekend binging

so. hello there. yea, it's been a while. the whole weekend (plus). good to be back. 2 tests down this week and one yet to go. one hellish crappy chemistry test and one awesome kickin' a&p test.

friday - really good sushi and lobster at kobe for sarah's birthday. quite the bash, ramon & alexis were in town - so much fun! nothing like flames and an onion volcano to make the meal. (i was even able to overcome my reservations about such places.) (if you're curious, it's because of the crappy fake accents that the chefs will often assume.) (if you're not curious, TOO BAD.)

saturday - party @ jen's, italian theme. lots of yummy italian wine and spumanti and lots of "good" german beer brought by david that tasted rather strangely of soy sauce. dinkel acker?? wtf? i have kikkoman's at home that's much cheaper. jen is highly charitable and we will be donating to the humane society for her gift. :)

sunday - anthony's belated birthday bash & moon festival! i have sooo many photos to put up, i'll try to limit them, but beware - one may soon see 40+ photos being uploaded in the near future. so sorry, brian! i don't have them up yet! *grovel* forgive me? seriously, we had craploads of fun.

star brought construction paper and dowels and we kindergarden'ed it up by making nifty paper lanterns! anthony's... has 2 large phalli (pl. of phallus?!) hanging off of it. in case you were wondering, it is NOT traditional to have large dildos springing forth from a paper lantern. in case you weren't wondering, TOO BAD.

i was planning on playing some board games, but the internet took care of entertainment for the evening: we took turns taking tests (jesus, we are such nerds).
the famous leader test (jen was hitler! ha! charitable, my ass.)
the chimera analogy test (i got 40 questions out of 50 right! woohoo!)

food & drink: grilled tofu, tofu & veggie egg rolls, moon cake, chocolate torte, tsing tao, delirium, fruit salad, white rabbit candies, various "asian" snacks...
ok, enough talk of food, i'm so hungry right now.

.......... i have 2 more hours to kill before anthony gets out of class. *sigh*


Madge said...

Your weekend binging was far more exciting than any single weekend I have had in the last year. Wow. I am so lame.

(cxjjnio. Latin for Madge is so lame.)

kimberlina said...

yea... that's why i called out on monday!

Madge said...

you're a rock star. what can i say...

(ucbzr - university of california bazaar. i think it's in the valley).