art fart

last night i got together with rachel & jen and we "made art." it was absolutely wonderful and liberating.

here's the deal: anthony's got a show coming up this weekend (on madge's birthday, no less!). they put on their website that there would be a slideshow done by me & jen & rachel. apprehension! despair! non-motivation! reluctance! & all that jazz. i was feeling scared, silly, i know, but threw myself into it last minute (of course). last night, in fact.

i was reluctanct mainly because slides cost a lot of money. and even more money to make prints into slides. like, $6 a slide. ugh. but then i realized that i had bought 4 flats of slides at a flea market near the beginning of the year.

they were inside these wonderful metallic boxes from a guy who had passed away. i couldn't bring myself to throw them out. it's incredible to me how much time and money he spent on them only to have them end up at a flea market. all his travels, all these images. that just might be where all my nicely organized negatives might end up one day.

sad, isn't it? everything changes. nothing stays the same. what's worth holding onto?

not one to waste, we're adding and subtracting to the images to make them spooky and quirky and beautiful to add a visual element to red room cinema's show. it's really interesting how different we all are in our artistic styles. i mainly add elements, lots of watercolor, funny quips on the scenes. rachel is more deconstructionist, outlining with an x-acto, scribbles with mascara brushes & flashes of color. jen flutters about, finally settling on a super detractive theme that leaves only small bits of the picture left.

i'm so. excited. once it's done, i'll scan them into my computer and share, but until then, we're in a mad frenzy of slides and paints and knives and really bad fumes from the old skool projector screen. seriously, it smells like a chemical lab in our living room. we'll make pacts to paint each other's iron lungs.


Madge said...

Amazing! Amazing! I can't wait to see this.

*In Portland, OR, there's an individual who buys slides & old reels of film from thrift shops & garage sales. He puts his finds on display -and they could be of whatever- Little Rico on the day of his first communion or something, and people drink beer & watch at them at his cinema/gallery.

Speaking of found art...I found a postcard in a library book today, dated October 05, 1966. From Kay in Jackson Hole to Hazel in Tampa.

I live for things like this! I'm very eager to watch the slide show!

kimberlina said...

madgie: (or do you totally hate that nickname) do you mean "blog" slide show? or like... "SLIDE show" - slide show?

and yes, aren't found objects and art the most wonderful and fortuitous? 1966 - that's so incredible. it makes me nostalgic and sad and makes me think bittersweet thoughts of growing older and moving on and learning and loss.

Madge said...

You are so funny. I do like Madgie.

I meant blog. Blog slide show!!!

Here's the postcard text:

Dear Hazel,
It snowed a few days ago + covered the ground just about like this picture. Russ + I took a short trip last week to the Teton area. The trees + shrubs are beautiful - garbed in gold + crimson + nestled amoung the evergreens on the Mt. Our house is almost livable but still needs cabinets + carpets, etc. Apparently I won't be home until Dec.

[South Tampa bitches with second homes in Jackson Hole. I am too bitter, yes? Well...it is a very sweet note. Who says "garbed in gold" these days?]

Harry Yak said...

i love art. well not all art. so where do i go to see your stuff. no not your naughty bits, your art.

kimberlina said...

madge, you can be bitter all you want. i'd sure like a second home, myself. ... wait, strike that, i'd want a first home. *laugh* i got excited for a minute about the SLIDE show slide show. would i meet the infamous madge?! alas, another time.

yakster: definitely no naughty bits. i'll have the art up sometime soon on flickr. you bet your furry yak booties i'll have links on my blog.

Rowan said...

wow, obviously waste bothers you, how great of you to make use of these!

I bet you are a pack rat [like me]!

kimberlina said...

rowan - i am totally a packrat! i can't let stuff go at all. alas.