kimberly needs.........

i got this idea from fritz, who got this idea from monkey who got this idea from bobby who got this idea from lulu:

(4 degrees!)

go to google and type "(your name) needs" - make sure the quote marks are there! blog your results.

apparently, this is what i need:

1. Priestess Kimberly Needs Powerful Protection Spell

2. Kimberly needs a woman in her life

Kimberly needs to eat something and keep her ugly mouth shut (ouch!)

Kimberly needs all five of her riders around her at all times (hmm... kinky)

Kimberly needs expert care and stimulation (kinky again!)

oh, do try.


Madge said...

Loving this! I tried! I tried!

Supermans Foot said...

that is brilliant I am totally doing this and will blog results

HitManJ said...

Your search - "HitmanJ needs" - did not match any documents.

Aparently I'm set.


Bobby said...

I like #5.

did you come with an instruction manual?

FRITZ said...

One: That's awesome. Mine SUCK compare to yours.
Two: I love Dinner. Are you going to make duck pate?

Anonymous said...

lol this is da first time ove been on ere, but dat is funni az hell i tried my name and all it came up with was i need a shave...hmmm lol cyaz mwa

Kimberly said...

Your's came up when I did my "Kimberly needs..." (that's how I found you) and the first one I got (thought I'd share -- not that you know me or care) was: "Kimberly needs more dangerous thrills to reach her sexual desires..." It made me laugh...and gimchi...are you Korean too?