fondue up the yin yang

halloween slide

what does that mean, anyways? "up the yin yang?" is this a dirty term i speak of? i lack pop culture references and am too tired to look it up.

another phrase i don't get - "to have beef with." as in: "i've got some beef with you."

isn't beef supposed to be good? or maybe "they" mean a beefy fist sandwich. ::kapow in the kisser::


kim = confused

kim = tired

kim also = super stuffed w/ cheesy and chocolatey fondue goodness.

anthony, rachel and i went to jacques & lisa's house for fondue night! (do tell me if i spelled that incorrectly, rachel.)

it. was. incredible.

hello fondue! hello cheese! hello bread! hello toblerone fondue!

i like to say hello to my food. it's the polite thing to do, after all. lots of merlot, cabernet/merlot and port! never had port wine before. delish. especially with little nibbles of 54% dark chocolate in between sips. do i sound educated? erudite, even? bwahahaha... FOOLED YOU. ;) i know nothing of wine. except that as a general rule of thumb, i like expensive chianti.

man, i am tired. just spoke to my dad, who reassured me that he was doing well. he was put back in the hospital after being released; he keeps getting these weird stints of high blood pressure and shakiness. they did some glucose tests, trying to figure it out. they're having a meeting on sunday and then deciding what to do on monday. i hate that he's a 24-hour trip away.

and, as you can see, i have finally uploaded a singular slide from the halloween night! most of the slides are still at star's house - i'll try and put one up each post from now on. for "visual interest" and what have you. this one was done by jen.


Harry Yak said...

ok i have some things to say but need to go say hello to some fondue.

i'll be back.

FRITZ said...

Fondue! I found this really neat fondue pot at IKEA, and it was WAY awesome!

But then, I remembered how I HATE preparing food. And chopping. And stuff.

Man, am I jealous of your friends. They seem so cool. I am glad your dad is somewhat more stable. I've been thinking about him for the sake of Good Karma. And stuff. (Like God).

Madge said...

Like Fritz, I am happy to hear the news about your dad. But for your sake, I wish that he was closer.

I first had port wine on my birthday - little tiny sips seem to be the best. I do have some left (my sister told me it saves quite a while). I do like dark chocolate. I do like eating and drinking on Sundays, as per every other day.

I love the slide! I can't wait for the Hansel & Gretel-ish release of each of them.

As for the phrases you mentioned: I'm going to be old-fashioned and look them up at work tomorrow in the few phrase origin books we have. :)

Sleep Goblin said...

Explain to me what you mean by "slide." You know, other than that being a cool picture.

I'm going to a craft open house today, and shall think of you.

Also, if my old co-workers continue their tradition of giving me 75%+ dark chocolate for Christmas, I shall think of you. And when I find out when my grandpa gets out of the hosipital for his recent stroke, I'll think of you.

Man, it's a good thing I don't mind thinking of you.

kimberlina said...

yakster - oh, do say hello for me, too! mmm... fondue...

fritz - i think stores have the super easy way out now-a-days. make the fondue and then buy pre-chopped veggies. all we did was bread. cheese and bread. and holy crap, it was good. we joked about taking the entire baguette and eating it like a big dip-stick. YUM! *laugh*

madge - i was surprised at how sweet port wine was! hence the desire for dark chocolate to add a really nice cocoa bittery flavor. also, it almost cleanses the palatte.

sleep goblin - by "slide" i mean, slide photograph. on halloween we took old slides some guy had left to his significant other and reworked them to create new art. we're recyclists like that. i love making up my own words. and isn't it weird lovely when you start thinking of blog people you haven't even met?

Bobby said...

I never got having a beef with someone. It sounds like a sexual thing to me.

Same goes for yin yang, but I think that one is SUPPOSED to sound dirty.

Now I am off to do some research, and have some fondue.

Virginia said...

Yay - you put up a slide - and it just so happens to be one of my favorites!

I'd offer to look up the phrases, but looks like other people already have that covered, and I have quiz answers to research in the meantime.

Only downside to fondue is going to Melting Pot and leaving stinking of [sesame?] oil... but as I remember it's worth it!

Hopefully your dad's blood pressure will stabilise and he'll be stateside soon! I'll keep him (and you) in my thoughts.

Miss you muchly,

PS Have you given any thought to coming up Dec 10? And Erika is welcome to join in the festivities, but I don't know how to reach her...

Supermans Foot said...

I am gonna say hello to my food too. Hello burger and fries, please dont kill me.

kimberlina said...

bobby - one can never ingest too much fondue. never. well.... on second thought, i think i did that night, so maybe i'm lying. ;)

virginia - i know, i love this slide too. we had so many good ones! and i agree about smelling like oil when you leave the melting pot. those wacky romulators!

footsie - they won't kill you if you don't eat too many!