it's not good when you realize instant nescafe coffee is yummier than brewed coffee at work. perhaps this is a given. work coffee is notoriously horrific.

nescafe is big in hong kong and china, where the coffee can often be surprisingly worse than work coffee.

morale is low in your workplace when people complain loudly in the elevators about their jobs and how they're going to jump on the next opportunity that comes their way.

shoe inserts to control foot odor really do work.

chocolate cake is delicious for breakfast. especially with instant nescafe.

anthony's birthday party was awesome. stella artois is superb. amy makes incredible baked brie. staying up till 4 is still fantastic.

sleeping in is even more fantastic.

crepes and greek frappes while slightly hung over makes any day sunnier.

damn, this chocolate cake is awesome.


Crystal said...

I love the International Delights "Italian Cappucino" - coffee drink mix. Why do they say it's coffee? It can't be coffee - it tastes like cocoa.

I can't choke down the coffee at work. :(

tits mcgee said...

Damn it, woman! Give me some cake!

Madge said...

coffee. beer. chocolate cake. elevators. birthday parties.


Anna May Won't said...

i love nescafe! it reminds me of my short time in china. but it also stains my teeth right quick.

as for chocolate cake for breaky, excellent idea.

Rrramone said...

Maybe I just need super strength foot odor eaters... ;-)