sir-rull. i need sir-rull fo mah god-n.

hurrah! hurrah! hurrah!

summer semester? check!
overtime this weekend + bonus monies? check!
- i am working 12 8-hour days straight. shoot me?
interview for gfss in the tbt? check!
- very excited about this one. we're going to be in the local paper!
drank glass of asti last night? check!
dropped library books off at library? check!
aquatic soil obtained for garden? unchecked!

so far, so good.

and check out these awesome images from this neat wallpaper!
it scratches off like a lotto ticket.





Meghan said...

whoa! i want scratch-off wallpaper!

i also want a house in which i can use said wallpaper... boo

glad to have found somebody else who says "hurrah"!! makes me smile


Rrramone said...

Mmmmmmmmmm. Bonus monies. :-)

Christopher said...

Sounds like fun.


Madge said...

I saw that scratch-off wallpaper at Cool Hunting! It's so pretty. I wish it was affiliated with Florida Lotto.

It sure feels good to be done with summer semester! Let's party.

How exciting about the GFSS interview! I would love a copy...save one for me???

tits mcgee said...


Also, that walpaper is so. Damn. Cool.

Can I come over to your house?

kimberlina said...

meghan - hurrah! :) i, too, would love to have a house. alas, i must make do with rented townhome.

rrramone - bonus monies = less bills. one day i'll use it on a digital camera!

christopher - semester being over = fun. ot = unfun.

madge - i'll definitely save you one. party? saturday? :D

tits - you're totally invited. ah, i wish we had a pool!

Crystal said...

scratch off wallpaper....interesting. i might paint an area of my kitchen with chalk paint. of course, i hate chalk but i could deal with it once in a while just to decorate the wall, right?

Sleep Goblin said...

I went to that chick's site. Super cool!