the birthday that keeps on giving

don't you just love birthdays that last for... months?

this weekend i cashed in on two excellent birthday gifts!

last unicorn

1 - the last unicorn dvd signed by peter s. beagle himself from mat & amy
2 - a date with laura to see the decemberists!
3 - that other thing in the corner is a jellyfish. i like jellyfish. i have yet to attain the scanning abilities of the beautious madge.

i was 3 years old when i saw the last unicorn for the first time and like many little girls, i quickly became besotted with the allure of the unicorn.
the YOU-KNEE-CORN!!! YOUUUUU-KNEEEE-COOORRRNNNN!!! (if you love this movie like i do, you'll know what i'm talking about. otherwise, i probably seem a little lot idiotic at present. one could also attribute the wonkiness to my lack of sleep.)

but seriously, i mean, look at it! it's personal! it has my name on it! "happy birthday kim!" yay me! my very first autographed item, ever.

very exciting. i almost wet myself i was so thrilled. it was like a 25 year old dream come true at long last!

if you want to get this dvd, the best way to do so is through this site.

"London-based Granada Media has sold more than 600,000 DVDs and videotapes of THE LAST UNICORN worldwide, made multiple cable and satellite deals for same, and sold the live action remake rights for a quarter of a million dollars. Yet despite this great success, they refuse to pay Peter what he is owed under his contract. After two years of trying to reach an amicable settlement, with no progress, it is clear that Peter will only get what he is due by going to court. Unfortunately, there is no way for Peter to do so without outside support. Just about everything he earns right now goes to take care of his 100 year-old mother." (via boingboing)

ah, and the show with laura was fantastic! we drove out to orlando and ended up meeting up with steve. good music, good conversation, wonderfully chill weather, expensive (but yummy) stella artois.... *le sigh*

though frighteningly enough, there's a nascar restaurant there. wtf?

anthony, unfortunately, opted out of seeing the decemberists, since they are too emo. he likes cursive-emo, not we-do-it-for-the-girls-emo. i'm ok with having my vagina manipulated. with song!! despite the inappropriateness of the previous comment, i am leaving it in, due to my general out-of-state mind.

saturday night was spent at crowbar listening to some of the bands playing (city of ships, auto! automatic!!) and then skipping off early for some alaskan tacos. sunday was spent with anthony's family eating a ton of lasagne and meatballs and salad. it was rather gut-wrenchingly delicious and leftovers are already gone!

things that will make my birthday even more complete at this present time:
- a red tent
- massage table
- kidney massage
- 1 hour kidney massage
- sushi
- reisling, or some other sort of fizzy lifting drink
- warm feet and hands
- a fully complete research proposal

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Madge said...

Birthday glee continuum!
I have the Last Unicorn on DVD too!, but it is not signed!! Oh you are so lucky to have that!