it's wick

in celebration of earth day, but also for my newfound love of parks (as madge notes, the weather has been insanely nice in florida), anthony and i visited lettuce lake for a snack and a walk. the light was so lovely with the late afternoon sun. as for wildlife, we got to see a crazy grasshopper, a cardinal and some finches!


way off to the right, there's an observation deck.

note: do not use spanish moss to decorate your home. chiggers reside within.

cypress knees!


i'm also going to post some photos of my plants (just for you, scott!). i dare not call it a garden, mostly i just try to keep the plants alive. my dad can grow acres and acres of amazing asian fruit, but i can barely keep my jade plants alive.

these are my newest succulents. i thrifted the 2 white vases and put crushed rocks at the bottoms. *roar* i even crushed the rocks myself with a hammer and a dishcloth.
final score: kim - 1. dishcloth - 0.
apparently, hammering rocks on fabric = holes.

(sorry for the poor pictures, i used my baby digital this time.)
in the first corner... from the left, we have a basil plant, jasmine, thai pepper plant (pillaged by aphids and then by my scissors) and mint (culled from meaghan's garden - thanks craig!). behind the thai pepper is a small sage plant. after brutally killing the sage plant (a word loosely used, for it only had 4 leaves) i had been growing from seed for the past 6 months, i gave up and bought one at the botanical garden show at usf.

and in the second corner... from the front, we have flapjack, jade, more flapjack, lemongrass, jade, tomato and another ravaged pepper plant. seriously, what's up with aphids and pepper plants?! this one is hanging on for dear life. *sigh* those little twig arms are just so sad.

we don't actually "harvest" much from our garden, but here are some tomatoes! mostly we use the basil for pesto, pizzas or other such italian sauces.

live, jade.  live!!
this however, makes me very happy. thomas killed my beautiful and huge jade plant and destroyed it into many small bits (cats apparently like to play in the dirt). finally, it is looking a little bit like its former self.

note: kim is the only gardener in the house! anthony is manual labor for bringing dirt into the house if needed. he doesn't like to play in the dirt. ;)


Christopher said...

And all is see is cars and concrete.. *sigh*

Madge said...

So much beauty! First Lettuce Lake and then all of your plants! I think my favorite would be the succulents in thrifted pots! I love milky white glass...and I LOVE succulents! They are my newest obsession! I will refer back to this post a lot...I love dirt!

Sleep Goblin said...

I saw another crane on my way to work yesterday. Still no camera... *sigh*

I haven't been able to start my balcony garden because my monsters have taken it over. I know how much they enjoy eating my plants. BUT! My work has decided to give up some of their land for employees to have little gardens. So, here shortly, I'll have a REAL garden!

Seriously though, your jade looks awesome :)

kimber the wolfgrrrl said...

Beautiful pictures!

I've recently fallen in love with jade plants, and aspire to grow a huge, tree-sized, holy-crap-is-that-real specimen, but so far, no luck. They get too spindly, and then the arms rip off. (Like my use of botanical lingo?)

Any suggestions you might have regarding the healthy cultivation of jade plants?

Bee said...

The sight of spanish moss made me so sharply homesick!

Say that 5 times fast!