there was something soothing to my ears about her voice, like watching clouds drift across the far horizon.
- murakami

i heart murakami. i'm currently reading blind willow, sleeping woman - a collection of his short stories. he notes in the intro that many people seem to enjoy his short stories more, but i rather like his novels. maybe i'll reread hard boiled wonderland sometime soon. that book was hazy wonderful. i can't explain it.

this week has been insanely lovely. lots of lunches outside. they make me giddy, even though i feel a little silly. downtown, there's this little park amongst all the buildings, crisscrossed with sidewalks and a few benches. i've taken to bringing a blanket and sitting out with my lunch and homework a book. silly, because no one else does. just business people walking by or sitting on a bench. i don't understand! there's this little park, and they don't sit in the grass?!

benches are for pussies.

though i haven't gotten up the nerve to just lay out, prone, reading, dappled... but maybe soon.

items of note:
* my home is being overrun by library books
* anthony rocked the kitchen, i can practically eat off the floor
* i am about to have the rest of my wine and clean clean clean my craft room
* the elephants upstairs are having their nightly parade
* elation at having cool co-workers who want to hang out

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Madge said...

I never met a little tiny park I didn't like.