horoscope for today:

Pisces (Feb 19 - Mar 20)

The Moon is back in your own sign on its monthly visit, and you can feel the pressure building between your head and your heart. If you recently let an opportunity pass you by, you could be way too hard on yourself. Your best bet is to bring feelings to the surface, as expressing your fears can alleviate some of the tension.

eff, i knew i should have pummelled the upstairs neighbors for playing their music too loud after multiple requests to lower their bass. "i fear i might pour tuna water on your jeep if you insist on such volume levels."

tonight's homework music shall include the decemberists, aloha, sigur ros, mogwai, and the weepies. "what can i compare you to? my favorite pair of shoes. maybe my bright red boots, if they had wings." i am sitting down to write my research proposal. i am going to write 8 pages. this is my goal, however high and lofty.

!!!!!!! i just remembered that i have duck in the fridge from last night's dinner!! yesssss!!! this means my dinner will not just be dried squid snacks. sustenance!

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Madge said...

Did you finish!? Did you have wine? Some of my fastest (and dare I say finest?) papers were sponsored by alcohol.