in absentia


away i've been, quite. i've been busy and lazy and full of thoughts i can't seem to set down in straight lines and lists. and i do love lists. i shall be righted. sooner rather than later. i hope.

i'm also hoping to get back into crafting and doing some artistic things. soon. partly because gfss may have a site installation at transitions art gallery (in july, eek!!) and partly because i think we're going to apply to get into the renegade craft fair! this actually gives my heart a little thrill, indeed, a trill. it's expensive, but even if we don't get in, we're planning on going and celebrating jen's birthday (on the 13th).

and i can finally make it to the shedd aquarium!

so that's where i am. work, school, drift. find sleep and bathe. and to right myself.


fb said...

I didn't make it to the aquarium in Boston nor Chinatown in Boston even though my guidebook told me its the third largest after New York and san Francisco. :(

The rest of the trip is to follow!

Sleep Goblin said...

You know what Shedd Aquarium means....

Rrramone said...

don't forget to bathe. I think you've inspired me to do the same! :-)