i am become thursday, destroyer of free time

i can't believe it's already thursday. where is this week going? not to mention, it's almost the end of the year. eek!

monday and tuesday gfss went out and, following in knitta's footsteps, tagged various areas around tampa. the sucky thing is, jen and danielle spent a lot of time tagging light poles in ybor late at night, and they had taken it down by morning!! *sigh* thanks, tampa. you're the best.

some of the places hit included bayshore, jimmie b keel library, usf library, kaleisia and ybor (jerks).

i have finished up my summer classes and have (mostly) finished the redesign of the girlfriend sweatshop website. it possibly needs a little more tweaking, but so far we're happy with it.

and i am happy to note that i have showered and am finally squeaky clean. yesterday i desperately needed a shower. desperately. did i mention that i needed a shower? i'd been going full-throttle with classwork and this art show that seriously, i could not remember the last time i showered. at least 3, if not 4 days ago. ... that's so gross.

i'm glad i'm not outside, otherwise i'm sure i'd have a cloud of flies around my head a la pigpen (this actually happened to me at the gardens in munich, but that's a story for another time).

anyone in the area who'd like to go... check out the transitions art gallery page for a little more information.

i think in comparison to past shows at the gallery, we've got quite a bit of stuff up. but in comparison to our vision, we're a little lacking. everything looks smaller once you put it up on the walls! if only we weren't such procrastinators... alas.

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