1:33 pm.

awaiting patrons who wish to learn 'online quilting.'

i'm thinking i'm going to end up cancelling this class... only 1 person was at the 10:30 showing. hm.

so i have these recurring themes in my dreams. do many people have recurring themes/dreams? do you?

  • under/water themes. swimming. dangers of jellyfish. smacks of jellyfish in the water as i've just jumped and am about to plunge into the electric and soft, now-gelatinous water. being able to breathe oxygen from thick water; in my lungs. hotel pools, sometime suspended in glass 30 floors up; breaking, falling, gushing.
  • hotels. huge hotels with many doors. locked doors. being lost. elevators, often of glass. sometimes dorm-like. little mini-bottles. huge rooms of pipes and metal-grid catwalks; the underbelly of the hotel.
  • travel. forgetting important items; retainers, plane tickets. airplanes like rocketships or the gravitron. days-long plane rides. cities i've been to that aren't exact representations; hong kong, florence. cobbled streets.

i want to incorporate these themes somehow into my art. i just need to break them down. along with my creative blocks.

ka-zam - biff - pow - kablooie - poof


Sleep Goblin said...

What is this online quilting class? It sounds cool.

I have recurring dreams. I also have a dream dictionary. I'll try to find it, though it might be packed already...

Sleep Goblin said...

Hmm... my dream dictionary is mostly rubbish, and there are few direct answers to the many words I looked up, but I did see that pretty much all of the words I looked up involved both marriage and danger. Interesting.

Madge said...

yes, tell us more about the online quilting class.

my only recurring theme: i find coins on the ground - quarters, dimes, nickels, pennies...like i've just found a wonderful treasure. i spy one quarter and then the next thing you know i suddenly have $34.67 in spare change. it makes me feel sooooo richie rich.

Jack said...

Don't look any further! Your answer is Sponge Bob. They have an underwater Jellyfish hotel made of glass! NuHuh.. Oh well, maybe it was a dream!

Keep dreaming!