just a few precious moments to jot a few little notes.

gfss was at kareema's house tonight. she made arepas, hummus and guacamole. the girl is amazing and arepas are delicious. she even has an arepa-maker. think, george foreman grill, venezuelan style.

walking out the car, rachel and i got to enjoy the perfect rain. barely misty drizzling. enough to cool you off and prickle the skin.

and the weekend was amazing as well!

gfss - gainesville edition
meaghan, erika, moi

8.12.07 - kim changes her godson's diaper for the first time. in fact, kim changes her first diaper, ever. very exciting and not too smelly. AND she didn't gag. this is truly a miracle.

cutie face!

no child is as cute as my godson. no way.

it's like heaven
oooooh. this is nice. i like this. this is like... the womb. but bigger.

it's always naptime
all day is naptime. what a life.


the great american novel

no gfss is complete without a silly photo shoot:


oops, ignore the bra strap. it's so white trash.

(quite possibly erika will have me killed for posting this)

a vision
'please don't look at the gravel pile,' says the beauteous meaghan.

we made a ton of food all weekend, and even got trashed and played celebrity. afterwards, we realized there were a few multiples - hitler, einstein and angelina jolie. who knows where our minds were. riesling, chocolate martinis, frangelico... mmm...

drink up, dearie
drink up, my pretty...

the food never ends
sunshine/citrus cupcakes with butter icing. note to self: do not let erika be in charge of the icing whilst drunk.

mz jolie
mz jolie. third round of celebrity.

this, too, may incur my death.

martha stewart
martha stewart!

this is not staged. this is real. this is erika, drunk. :D

awwww.... we're kicking butt and taking names, aren't we?

the 'rents!

erika is totally maternal. really.
and isn't owen the most adorable little homunculus? why yes he is, he's the cutest little homunculus ever!


Sleep Goblin said...

You updated!! Hurray!

You have so much fun *sigh*

Madge said...

your yellow cardigan is *almost* cuter than the baby. oh my gosh. but he wins.