things i need to stop doing: checking out too many books to read. i then renew them multiple times, in fact, renewing each of them the allowable two times, causing me to have had the book for a total of 63 days. and still unread.

i have just gotten 'snow flower and the secret fan' and 'after dark' and at home have 'mao', 'the search for the giant squid' and 'down and dirty pictures'. and one of david lynch's books on meditation, a book on 1001 gardens you must see and 'they call me naughty lola'. plus various crafting, sewing, photography and art books. not to mention the dvds.

i am awash in loaned items.

watched the departed w/ anthony the other night. meh. i never felt really involved in this movie. and while the characters themselves were good, i never quite felt their relationships between each other very deeply. the end came out of nowhere and just wasn't satisfying either, just shocking. surprise! *bang*



not sure how i didn't mention it, but ikea in atlanta was incredible. amazing. totally worth the 3 run-throughs we made. just a little longer and we'll have one an hour away and one 20 minutes away! glee!


FRITZ said...

I love ATL Ikea, and miss it. We have one here in Michigan, which is great, but it doesn't have the pinache of the Atlanta Ikea.

Why do I feel like we keeping almost meeting in real life? Florida, Atlanta...I guess one day we're all just going to have to round up in Kentucky!

Anyway, keep reading!

I'm currently reading:
Tales of a Female Nomad
The Omnivore's Dilemma

after which I shall read
The Kite Runner.

Books are yummy!

Madge said...

Ok. I do this too. It's so funny. I like to check out gobs of 'coffee table artsy/architecture/design/craft' books that weigh approximately 41.2 lbs each. I keep them for 63 days, realizing I never so much as flipped through them. It's a serious problem.

And I've turned into an ILL slut. I am getting books from everywhere just to like, hold them in my hands and return them!