how can i buy myself some more time? preferably 2 years of weekends paid holidays, please. i can easily add them on to my existing weekends. very easily.

the bad is that i'm starting to feel a little... how do you say, overwhelmed?

  • schoolwork is about to get messy. i need to buckle down and just do it. only 2 semesters left.
  • work is and has been messy. statistics programs are not fun. learning SQL is fun, but can be difficult for one who is not, as a general rule, logical.
  • i have so many projects i want to work on!!

these are my immediate projects:

  • actively tackle classwork.
  • actively plan living arrangements while in europe.
  • buy warm clothes and good, sturdy walking shoes.
  • not let work get me stressed.
  • start baby knitting projects for european trains

these are my long-term projects:

  • re-design portfolio website.
  • organize and work on organization system for photos.
  • get rachel her wedding photos, officially.
  • get meaghan her baby photos, officially.
  • set up etsy store.
  • work on some design projects.
  • sewing.
  • knitting.
  • learn crochet.
  • read a lot more.
  • use my gocco.

1 comment:

Sleep Goblin said...

1. I fully support learning to crochet, and I can help. You can teach me how to knit. (my imac has a webcam.. i've never used it)

2. I too have a long list of projects.... I'm still waiting for DS to get a job making millions so I can stop working and get to them.

3. I heard there's ice on the sidewalks in Italy right now.

4. I miss your etsy store.

5. I think the new iphoto is pretty awesome for easily organizing photos.

6. I can't settle on the 2007 ornament design, which probably means I'll never get them made. This makes me sad (yes, I know I still owe you yammie)