untitled #503

bleak items of note:

  • not getting enough sleep (who does?)
  • 15 page paper due on soviet archives in 1.5 weeks
  • clenching cramps as your (far too early) morning alarm

rousing items of note

  • took a relaxing and jasmine-heady bath last night
  • started making little white square felt snowmen ornaments
  • made a prototype fabric catch-all
  • have an art/craft show coming up on the 17th
  • umami espresso o' the morning
  • new, fancy schmancy rimless glasses
  • deliciously shivery cool weather in the FIFTIES! (even if just at night)

i'm a little iffy on these catch-alls. it's cute, but i want it to be washable. not sure if that's actually feasible, of course. i washed it and it's definitely way less sturdy. does that add to the charm? maybe i'll post pics tonight.

i'll include some silly photos from halloween night; nothing crazy, just some of us girls getting together to dress wacky, pass out candy, drink mulled wine, make crass jokes and play celebrity.


emilicious said...

I think I'll go with no glasses and of course the ones of Molly in her dress. ;)

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you still fit in that dress!

-The oh-so-preggers Mich