utterly inconceivable.

i cannot grasp why or how the deli next door makes the most disgusting veggie sandwiches i've ever had in my life.

veggie sandwich - easy, right?

they must use the most bland veggies along w/ cheese and bread that's cusping on mold. (*i literally just gagged*)

the first time i got it on wheat bread and thought maybe it was the bread that wasn't good.

after that i mainly stuck to BLTs on white - not too bad, but get this: they serve your sandwich with HALF a pickle spear. HALF!

so today i tried the veggie again, but on a sub roll. i half expected it to come out on a hotdog bun. but still, the urge to retch came on strongly. i even tried to put italian dressing on it to liven it up and hide the grossness, but to no avail.

note to self: do not frequent this deli again.

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