t-minus 1 day

t-minus 1 day!

to clarify, since *some* people get confused easily... ;) i leave on thursday.

one day (wednesday) left. then i leave the next day.


items to note:

  • florida is kind enough to prep us for the cold; this morning it was in the 40s!
  • the day we fly in, i'm going to see julie taymor's lion king. SO. EXCITING. jen bought my ticket as a christmas gift! i heart you jen!
  • overlong, wide-legged pants will keep me warm. until it rains.
  • completely thrilled at meeting yen in the rome train station. there's something special about meeting friends in a foreign country.

1 comment:

emilicious said...

Make sure you take lots and lots of pictures for me. But none of those spooky statues. Hahaha!

I want to see some good shots of you and Jen enjoying yourselves and getting a vacation both of you deserve.

Have a safe and amazing trip!