fast foward

busy bees. february has been deemed photography month by moi. it is an attempt to get all of my photographs in working order. thankfully, i’ve gotten a head start on “photography month” by starting mid-january. let’s just say that for the past 10 years i’ve been collecting prints of developed film like a bower bird collects brightly colored objects. consider the same obsession, yet w/ a supreme lack of organization.

ten. years.

martin luther king jr weekend saw me in gainesville (photographs to follow soon!) cooing over owen and teaching him the colors pink and blue. i also managed to roughly organize a huge bag of photographs into their respective significant-other-eras. since then, i’ve bought 3 photo albums and have been culling and sorting and culling some more.

740 gently selected photos? check. and that’s from approximately 1998-2002. is that a lot? i feel like that’s a lot. mostly because it’s just… so much to slog through. at one time. there’s probably that much in my discard pile. *sigh*

1. keep up with your photos
2. don’t bother with duplicates
3. photos look infinitely better in an album, even a subpar album

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Madge said...

happy photography month, eve.

good luck.