the year in which i turn 29

a belated new year to you and you and you!

2007 was a roller coaster year and i am glad that it's over. 2008 feels like a clean linens fresh start (truth in fact, i even changed my sheets).

my motto for 2008 is: fuck resolutions.

mostly because, while goal setting can be good, i just need a bit of a break, plain & simple.

instead of RESOLUTIONS, i shall instead have 2008 hankerings. these are to mostly involve my stomach innards and my head innards.

> continue with my reading pace, i'm happy with it, slow as it may be.

> try to eat more breakfasts with friends on weekends.
> no more craft shows! etsy shall be my friend.
> eat out less, experiment in the kitchen more.
> perfect gelato.
> be less afraid to look like an asian tourist when holding a camera.

> travel to (at least) 1 new city with anthony.
> explore the possibility of home ownership.
> buy 1 more pair of camper shoes.

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Sleep Goblin said...

You know, Madison would be a new city.. I'm just sayin.