cojoined 2 taggings

i've been remiss. 2 tagged memes and nothing to show!

one from the smirking cat and one from fb. so here we go.

first was from the smirking cat - 6 random facts.

in fact, both are about random facts! fb's requested 4 random facts. i'll simply put 10. can i say that i am SO bad at these?

1. when i was younger, i LOVED ketchup. i couldn't pronounce it very well, "ka-kahtch". i ate it on practically everything. i was the family dubbed 'ketchup queen.' rice, broccoli, eggs + ka-kahtch = DELICIOUS.

2. chess is not my game. i truly and horrendously suck at strategy games. i don't play offensively, but rather, from a cowering, freak-out defensive position.

3. (i'm only on #3?!) i am pretty flexible, but was even more so when i was younger. imagine taking your leg, bending the knee, grasping the foot and stretching out your quads. then keep pulling. i could hook the top of my foot in my ribcage and hop around like a side-show freak.

4. i love packaging and industrial design. this causes me to occassionally spend exorbitant sums on stupid things, like frozen pizzas and q-tips.

5. "a clean house is a sign of a wasted life." i read this recently and want to believe this is true, so that my messy house will be a sign of a life well lived.

6. "you have everything you need." another phrase i read recently; i try to keep this in my mind. especially in regards to items that are related to #4.

7. the smell of gardenias and jasmine make me deeply happy. one day i'd love to have a gardenia tree. and lots of night-blooming jasmine.

8. i don't know where i want to be in 5 years.
... wait, that's a lie. i'd like... to be working for myself. perhaps in graphic design. making items. i need to get myself some confidence. and just start throwing work out there.

9. i just sent out a bunch of postcards with 24 cent stamps. it costs 26 cents now! argh.

10. i throw my support to obama.


Smirking Cat said...

I might steal your Good Reads idea on the side. Does it count if the book is just sitting in my house, but I don't have time to actually read it?

Michaela said...

Aww I remember my ketchup days. Don't feel bad, I used to put it on soup...yeah, that's right, soup. Yuck!!