of goats and gore

golden eagle successfully attacks mountain goat.

thoughts while watching:

- whoa, eagles are cool. and big. some eagles are SO BIG. cool.
- here we go! woohoo! wingspan! rock on, i dig it. wingspans are sexy.
- .... awww. poor little goa...

- ooooooohhhhhhhhhh shhiiiiiiitttt.....

that is the extent of my post-massage mental capacity. sarah came over, i wooed her with homemade pizza and then she gave me a massage. it. was. awesome. then i took a bath, which, also, was awesome.

immediate goals: stop using this word - "awesome". i sound like an idiot. also, stop using the phrase, "that's funny". learn new wurds. or utilize old wurds, such as "rad" or "groovy".

in any case, i used this german herbal lavender bath goop additive, which smelled divine and has left my skin all sorts of baby-butt-smooth, but looked like i was bathing in 2000 flushes. strangely blue. i'm trying not to think too much about it.

i am feeling amazingly relaxed and limber and am looking forward to clean sheets on the bed. small non-kitty-litter happinesses. *le sigh*

musing last night and jotted this morning:

creepy, preternaturally, precocious children really get under my skin.

i'm not talking about "normal" better-than-average children. like my god FSM-son, owen. children who end up going to gifted classes, magnet schools, centres for the artes, or winning nobel prizes. and loving their auntie chairwoman yau immensely.

i suppose i'm really talking about fictional children. fictional babies.

1. what the hell was up with that kid in the movie 'perfume'? besides the painful narration, anthony and i couldn't get past the first 20 minutes. naked, snot-shiny, highly dextrous pre-born in the fish market? multiple close ups of flaring nostrils and deep breaths? even with the boy as a tween/teen, they couldn't get enough of his schnoz. i get it. he's got good olfactory senses. thanks. *click*

2. bean, in 'ender's shadow' - apparently, at 7 months old and in dire danger, is climbing out of his crib and hiding in a toilet tank to save his life. he remembers that the toilet lid was very heavy, the water level rising and falling, his diaper disintegrating.

it's all just a little hard to believe. i only have two examples, though. are there more? i'm sure there are. strangely, these came to me in the shower (i'm currently reading 'ender's shadow').

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