tonight i am heading to the local big-screen to see my favorite talky live! this american life. yea, i’m pretty jazzed. i’m hoping it’ll be exciting, like when i went to see “wait, wait, don’t tell me”. except better, because it’s live and botched bits won’t be re-recorded at the end to “fix” it.

then i’m headed home to drink some (read: a bottle of) cheap reisling. it will be to offset the pain incurred by wearing really uncomfortable and chafing shoes to work. then walking a few blocks to pick up lunch. and then walking back. and pain. and limping. and avoiding the thundering herds of thespian high schoolers who have taken over downtown tampa. and blood, verging and pooling on the epidermis of my heels and pinky toes. and i don’t wear heels!!! oh, the humanity..

i’m not sure if i ever mentioned it, but i’m attempting to listen to classic novels on cd (or rather, ipod), in the 2 hour commute i take each weekday. i finished ‘to kill a mockingbird’ and absolutely loved it and am currently on ‘catch-22’. the bad, of course, in listening to a book on cd, is frustration with a particularly painful reader’s voice and a lack of visual reference.

thankfully, this reader’s voice isn’t too bad. the broken speakers in my car, however, remove all lower notes (thanks, little brother, for blowing out my speakers and leaving ciggie burns in the upholstery) and so oftentimes parts of the reading get pretty high.

in regards to visual reference, though, i couldn’t understand why the hell the reader (as you can see, i don’t know his name, nor wish to look it up) kept pausing when reciting a particular name: “major HUGELY-ANNOYING-PAUSE de coverly”. i almost freaked out in the car yesterday afternoon after hearing it 20 times in a row.

thank you, wikipedia. i assumed, and confirmed, that his name actually does have a blank within it in the novel. it’s still going to drive me batshit, i am quite sure (as it did this morning).

overall, i’m finding that the novel vacillates between funny and quirky and sharp and then painful, boring and maddening. listening to some of the circular arguments go on for upwards of 10 minutes… aiiieeeee! it’s like “who’s on first”, just longer. and worse, did i mention worse? so we’ll see how it goes. i’m definitely enjoying it more than ‘the catcher in the rye’ which is currently my bathroom book. (for when i’m taking a bath. yea. a bath. definitely a bath.)

meaghan mentioned to anthony and i that it was a book that was best read by a 15 year old male. something to do with adolescence and puberty and all and i’m tending to agree so far. we’ll see if i’m able to finish it.

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