wet pants monday

meaghan has this wonderful habit of naming her days. clean sheet sundays and mimsie fridays (when her mom takes owen for the day and night, leaving 2 glorious free days of coupledom for meaghan & craig).

today for me is nothing so glorious or sweet. today is wet pants monday.

a pluvial lunch hour created little raging rivers down every street i crossed. my socks are drying on top of my mini oil-filled heater. my pant legs are thoroughly soaked and my toes are white and cold. they’re cowering underneath the heater in an attempt to leach some semblance of warmth. my current predicament is how to use the bathroom as my bladder is precariously full – i am loathe to put on my wet leather shoes, but using the bathroom unshod would be asking for some disgusting, embarrassing toe fungus, or worse. we won’t dwell on that.

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