Google Reader (131)

seriously, google reader is the new crack cocaine. i have to get a hit every few hours or i feel, nestled deeply, that i am lacking as a person. that i am missing pertinent information about the world, about culture, about art. i need a hit, a fix, a little taste, else i tremble and believe that i cannot go on with my day.

of course, this probably correlates highly with my sleepiness and/or the general boredom and malaise of my job.

*long sigh*

this past week my cousin yuki has been staying with me. :) last weekend we went up to gainesville for relaxing times and delicious food. meaghan = amazing. on the way back we frequented smiley's antique warehouse - it was much like an overpriced thrift store. pyrex bowls for $68?! no thanks. i was, however, able to score some garbage pail kids cards. bitches & hoes - they weren't the ones from my childhood, but the ones rereleased in 2004. hurumph.

monday i took off from work and we went thrift shopping and meandered around central avenue in st. pete. it goes to show you how long it's been since i've actually walked around central avenue, because practically every cute shop from my past memory is now closed and very dusty. alas!! so, st. pete was a total bust.

and, as of today, classes are OFFICIALLY OVER. i'm pretty stoked and yet feel slightly let down somehow. maybe it's the thought of student loans having to be paid back in the near future... (big ugh). or that i don't have some fancy job lined up, just the hint of a promise of one in the next few months (maybe).

the good and supremely nerdly news is that i got As in every single class. my dad will be pleased. i'll be sure to pass that information along to future job interviewers (and put it on my business cards, yet unordered).

and it's all rainy and blah and good god i need to blog when i'm happier! when i am at home and not in my non-ergonomic grey work chair with reports printed and piled all around me. when i'm not right near the window and think to myself that i'd rather be outside, in the thundering rain and bright flashes of lightning, without an umbrella, instead of here, inside. soggy leather shoes be damned. i kid you not, i could stare outside at the sluicing rain for the rest of the workday and be perfectly happy.


FRITZ said...

General malcontent is all about these days.

However, you used the word 'sluicing', and that has given me hope.

Classes are over and you don't have the 'real' job you're waiting for?

Egad, woman! Enjoy this time! Don't overstimulate your huge brain. Take a rest. Good job on all A's. They WILL serve you well.

Sleep Goblin said...

I think I've made my friend Renae fall in love with you.. the combination of you going to library school (heh.. i like calling it that) and organizing your books by color.. she's smitten. (Also, she thinks you're hot)

It's probably a good think she has a boyfriend and you're a million miles away :)

Smirking Cat said...

Congratulations on all A's! Is Anthony going to give you a dollar for your A's?