to save valuable space (which could be better used for flashy advertising banners), they could easily just say:

june/july - august/september
scattered thunderstorms
40-100% chance of rain
hurricane in the area

ta da! now, where's my weather-woman's salary? just deposit it into my swiss bank account, thanks. though, the one in the caymans would work just as well. your choice (i'm beneficent like that).

i have more to say, and pictures to post, but i'm at work where my brain works only at half-capacity. half-full capacity, let's be optimistic. i'm about to make my way down to subway, sit in the park, sweat and give michie/meaghan/erika a call. i miss my femmes.


  • the dark knight was awesome.
  • watched last life in the universe yesterday evening; it was lovely and the images keep cycling through my head.
  • i am finally feeling like i am out of class. i keep thinking i have something to do, something to read, something to write, but... nothing. i have nothing. nothing. it's starting to feel good.

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Rrramone said...

I'm so jealous. For us they should just say blistering heat, no chance of relief.