crafty "resolve"

attack at the crow collection of asian art, dallas

my 500th post! i thought it would be more exciting than this, perhaps including a video of a song and dance number fully choreographed and performed by myself, but it does not appear to have happened. maybe 1000 is the lucky number? don't hold your breath!

the title of this post refers to my feelings about using my studio space (aka the second bedroom, the atelier, the sweatshop, the craft room, the storage space). this weekend i painted a little, thought about redesigning my website, sewed 3/4ths of 2 potholders (for mother's day) and ironed a ton of skirts. all done in the craft room!!

i also browsed etsy's resources for crafters and people who have been able to quit their day jobs. inspiring, uplifting, vaguely depressing. yet again, i find that i need to hone my motivation. i'm a cat on the 'nip - running about here and there with nary an 'expertise' in one area or another.

the good is that i've lowered my expectations. ... wait, IS that a good thing? basically, i know i'm not an overnight success in the crafting world, what with my lackluster output. and i am ok with that! i am keeping the craft fires going, but when they aren't burning flames ("flames, flames, FLAMES, on the SIDE of my FACE" - please tell me you know this quote), but warm glowing coals, i am perfectly content with a firefly marathon + a rum and coke with anthony or having some super delicious trader joe's wine with rachel. bliss!

begin stream of consciousness:

also, have i mentioned that i'm gaining weight? this isn't really that big of a deal, however, the irksome part is that i have to buy new clothes!! we're trying to save our moolah like crazy-cakes, which is hard enough, but i also really hate shopping. especially for bottoms, which is what i desperately need. hopefully i can make a passable skirt (sans pattern, that's how i roll) sometime this week. skirts are just easier. plus, the weather is just starting to get unbearable. summer always surprises me with its heat and humidity.

off to make some more biscotti!

emo-myspace overhead shot, dallas aquarium


madge said...


madge said...

also, cheers to your 500th post!

Sleep Goblin said...

okay, 1. shut the f*ck up! i sewed 2 potholders (for mother's day)!!!!

2. if i hadn't met you in person and seen that you are truly a taller, skinnier, asianier (i made that up) girl, i would swear you were me. truly. i could have written like, every freaking word of this post.

3. which brings me to 3. i feel like a creepy stalker sometimes, but i truly hope that one day rob will tell me that, much as he hates florida, he has "decided to take a job in tampa, because that's the best he can get. and hey, at least we'll be at the yankees training camp." because i hate hate hate hot and humid summers, but i love you.