*insert choir of angels*

we caved and tuesday night on a whim, we bought iphones.

<3 *swoon*

it's like........ a mini computer and phone and ipod and video game player all in one!!

reasons why i like it: i can check my email and facebook account in bed.

reasons why i hate it: i can check my email and facebook account in bed.

for someone who already has addiction issues with the internet and who regularly enjoys thoughts of going a full weekend (*gasp*) without checking email, but who cannot do so without getting the shakes..... i can see this becoming a very bad thing. i'm like a smoker needing to shake and fondle and smell their cigarettes every few minutes. it's so... beautiful.....

and can you believe it, it's been what, 2 weeks since it came out? tuesday night, there was still a line outside the apple store! wth? yes, we waited in line for a god damn phone. we are losers. we already got the weird glances from people walking by and we were one of those people 2 weeks ago. the line was WAY longer then! and we'd already driven there! and the line didn't look that long (we were wrong). ah, but it was worth it and lovely. anthony watches movies and tv shows while processing claims at work and is agog at the beautiful large screen. much better than his dinky ipod.


Naynayfazz said...

Ooh, you are one of few peeps I know that have and love the new Iphone. I am jealous. I am thinking of getting one if and when I move to NY and have a job to pay for one. :)

You know, it's funny you speak of the addiction you get with the computer because I am the same way. For instance, I am pet sitting this weekend and do not have a computer... TRAGEDY! You'd think I was going to jail. GAWD FABID (haha) I read or watch television. The internet is so good but oh so bad!

Dragonslayer said...

Can I have it? Pretty please? SG punches me any time I suggest getting one.

Sleep Goblin said...

Whatever, I don't punch you. I just said you can't get one unless we both get one, and you have to find a way out of our current contract unless you think you can jailbreak the phone or whatever they call it.

Oh, and you have to find the money for it.

But I'd totally take one. Totally.

kimberlina said...

d00d, it's amazing!! it's definitely an addiction. :)

and um, no ds, you can't have it. or hold it. maybe you may stroke it. i'm sure that's good enough for you, right?

and sg is right, if you get one, you have to get 2. that's a rule. :D

Dragonslayer said...

I would just like to state for the record: that's a bullshit rule, for the record.

lepetitdoodler said...

you've succumbed! isn't life so much better?!? and the photos... they're small and blurry (if you don't keep steady), but so pretty.