pleasant surprises


today was gorgeously beautiful!! i was afraid it was going to be hot and muggy, but it was warm and serene. the breeze actually felt a little like spring.

hmm... just checked out weather.com. looks like it's 92 degrees with a heat index of 102. humidity 55% with winds from 11-17 mph. seems kinda high, but humidity below 85% rocks my world. either way, it was beautiful in the shade.

i got a sandwich, a large iced coffee and sat at a table on the sidewalk and utterly zoned out for almost an hour. sometimes i need downtime and that was exactly what i needed. i people watched, felt the breeze, watched and played with the condensation trickling down my glass, tracked the clouds and sighed. it. was. awesome.

and now i go back to work to this:

our office is moving from the 3rd floor west building to the 3rd floor east building. it's been a while since anyone had vacuumed under the desks, as you can see.

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