yammie says suck it

yammie says suck it, originally uploaded by gimchi.


Dragonslayer said...

"Yea I gaht 'cher catnip RIGHT HERE!"

Oh, sorry, was this not a caption contest?

Sleep Goblin said...

Hey! That's my husband!

Before I get sidetracked, that is AWESOME!

And now that I am sidetracked, DS and I got in an argument over whether the twilight books were good reads. (and by good, i mean i enjoy them, and not that they're particularly well written) In my defense, I pointed out that you, whom he seems to really like and approve of, also love them. And I pointed out that on top of all your other good qualities, you're also a master degree holding librarian. To which he responded "man, they'll give those things to just anyone these days, won't they".

I suggest you punch him in the face. That's what I would do.

Smirking Cat said...

Yammie and my cat Sylvester should hang out, teach each other obscene gestures.